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Group Institution
CAMI Research
CAMI research offers a database of fresh insights and viewpoints, based on a wide variety of facts gleaned from original research in many areas of HR - OD & strategic HR, training & development, compensation and performance, talent management.
WHRB Research
WHRB is a not for profit organization focusing on peer to peer learning and development of HR Leadership through scholarship and peer events

Product and Services

We build our services through 4 centers of excellence as below:

  1. MEHR - CAMI HR Certification Center
  2. MEHR - WHRB HR Education Center
  3. MEHR - Corporate Training & Consulting
  4. MEHR – Assessment Services

MEHR - CAMI HR Certification Center

We conduct over 400 open programs every year HR Micro-certifications in association with Carlton Advanced Management Institute in 6 countries and train over 8000 of Asia's top professionals in specialized areas of HR every year.

We offer certifications in 5 main domains of HR

  • Talent Acquisition
    • Certified Recruitment Analyst(CRA)
    • Certified Psychometric Test Professional(CPTP)
    • Certified Assessment Center Analyst(CACA)
  • Learning and Development
    • Certified Master Trainer & Facilitator(CMTF)
    • Certified Learning & Development Manager(CLDM)
    • Certified Assessment Center Analyst(CACA)
    • Certified Performance and Competency Developer(CPCD)
    • Certified Instructional Designer(CID) 
  • Performance & Competency Management
    • Certified Performance and Competency Developer(CPCD)
    • Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional(CSCP)
  • Compensation Management
    • Certified Compensation and Benefits Manager(CCBM)
  • Strategic HR & OD
    • Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional(CSCP)
    • Certified OD Analyst

MEHR - WHRB HR Education Center

We support Asian Human Resource Board's long term education programs- WHRB's 9 month part time fellowship program for current and future HR leaders and the 6 month licensed HR programs for key HR team members. Our work study programs are boon to HR professionals who wish to continue their education while working.

WHRB Fellowship Program - the fellowship program is structured around 4 modular courses which are evenly divided into 4 quarters/semesters. This is Asia's first educational program built around a competency framework designed for and by a team of global HR professionals. This includes the following courses in all the 4 semesters:

  • FP in Strategic HRM & OD
  • FP in Strategic L&D & OD

WHRB Licensed HR Business partner Program - this Licentiate program is structured around 3 modular courses which are evenly distributed through a period of 6 months. The program is built to develop a set of HR competencies in a systematic manner. The program integrates functional skills, business understanding and behavioral traits requirements for a global HR career. The courses to be dealt in this program are as below:

  • Licensed HR Business Partner
  • Licensed T& D Program

WHRB Leadership - this unique program offer a platform for the skill building to fill in the role of a Coach or Trainer. it also brings together close to 50 Global CLOs ( or soon to be CLOs ) together from across the globe, offering a platform to network, share and collaborate and build personal and professional bonds spanning continent.

  • Master Behavior Skills Trainer
  • Master Behavior Group Coach

General Management - Advanced Strategic Management Program is for Fostering Outstanding Business Leaders... The program is designed through a unique modular blend of personalized learning on campus with practical application, exclusively for working professionals who wants to upgrade and expand their leadership skill, network and capitalize on emerging opportunities

  • Advanced Strategic Management Program
Corporate Training & Consulting

MEHR works with leading organizations across various sectors on consulting areas in HR. Our consultants draw upon years of industry knowledge & experience to ensure success. From HR to non-HR, we are committed to helping our clients build their skills and boost performance for the long term.

  • HR Capability building
  • Mid manager Programs
  • Senior Leadership programs
  • Outbound Training
Assessment Services

MEHR is a leading provider of advisory services and assessment services. We help organizations in HR Audit and analytics.. Enable our customers to improve their objectives

  • Compensation advisory services
  • Manager Development
  • Recruitment assessment
  • HR Audits & Analytics

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