Certified Business Analytics Professional (CBAP)

  • In the last few years, businesses have witnessed an exponential growth in data generated and are beginning to tap the hidden knowledge using Analytics and Big Data.
    This course will help the participants to apply the concepts of big data analytics and statistical applications to three core aspects of managerial decision making- finance, marketing and Human resource. Participants will understand how big data technologies and data mining techniques enable data-driven decisions. Participants will learn to apply popular and contemporary technologies in big data ecosystem and statistical packages for applications such as operational and predictive analytics. Course will benefit participants interested in a career in data science, analytics and consulting careers.

    By the end of the program you will learn:

    • Understand Business Analytics – Definition and Function
    • Learn about Evolution of Business Analytics
    • Learn about Current Areas & benefits -Business Analytics usage
    • Understand Modeling and Simulation & Reference Model
    • MEHR CAMI Process Improvement Intervention Pyramid
    • Learn about Hypothesis Generation & Hypothesis Testing
    • Learn about Operational Analytics, Creation of Dashboards
    • Understand Trend Analysis, Big Data and Prediction Models
    • Learn about Validation using Correlation and regression
  • MODULE 1: Understanding Business Analytics
    • Introduction – What is BA
    • Analytics used in other Various Areas
    • Business Analytics – Definition and Function
    • Evolution of Business Analytics
    • Current Areas & benefits -Business Analytics usage
    MODULE 2: Practical Process Modeling
    • Modeling
    • Practical Issues
    MODULE 3: Business Statistics
    • Why business analytics
    • Central tendencies ( R and excel )
    • Bench marking
    MODULE 4: Data Analytics
    • Hypothesis Generation
    • Data Flow
    • Hypothesis testing
    MODULE 5: Forecasting Analytics
    • Operational Analytics
    • Predictive Analytics
    MODULE 6: Financial Analytics
    • Key Financial metrics
    • Common Types of projects in Financial Analytics
    MODULE 7: Market Analytics
    • Key Marketing metrics
    • Common Types of projects in Marketing Analytics
    MODULE 8: HR Analytics
    • Key HR metrics
    • Common Types of projects in HR Analytics

Why you should enroll for Certification in BUSINESS ANALYTICS PROFESSIONAL

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16-03-19 6 Weeks