Certified Key Accounts Manager (CKAM)

  • Close more sales, retain key clients keep competition guessing to prosper. “80% of your sales will come from around 20% of your customers. Effective management of these accounts can make a difference. The Key Account Managers are the real heroes in any organization.”
    MEHR’s CKAM (Certified Key Account Manager) Program establishes a professional standard of individual capabilities to successfully perform the role and responsibilities of a Key account manager (KAM). The job of a KAM is to develop and sustain a long-term customer relationship for mutual growth, profitability, trust, loyalty, innovation and risk management. The KAM must leverage the Company’s enterprise resources and capabilities in creating and fulfilling value-based solutions to meet the Customer’s and Company’s current requirements and expectations as well as future potential.
    This Certification Program guides each participant through a journey curated specifically to build the competencies for the KAM to excel in their role.

    By the end of the program you will learn:

    • Understand what is Key Accounts Management- KAM
    • Understand the role of KAM
    • Know about company strategy to portfolio analysis
    • How do we build the value discovery meeting?
    • Why is having an Elevator Pitch So Important?
    • How to Design an Elevator Pitch That (Actually) Works?
    • Learn about Negotiation and discounting
    • Overcoming Objections in Sales
    • Harvesting Strategy & Customer expectation
    • Learn about key metrics for KAM

    Who should attend?

    • Professional sales and marketing heads, managers and executives.
    • People who are interested in gaining key strengths and behavior required to be effective in Key Accounts Managers.
    • People who have a busy schedule and so want to have a flexibility of time.

Why you should enroll for Certification in KEY ACCOUNTS MANAGER

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16-03-19 6 Weeks