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As the world adjusts to a work from home lifestyle, it’s now more important than ever to be the best leader that you can be. Tough Situations Build Strong people in the end, but as a leader you do need more skills to keep going, thriving and leading in such tough times.
We at Middle Earth have been working in the last couple of years to bring more virtual offerings into our portfolio, we have only accelerated this process since the lockdown. We are now proud to present the Leadership E-Series. With our 22-year history of supporting the learning needs of organisations throughout Asia, you can rest assured about high impact learning for you despite the lockdown.


Learning never stops with Middle Earth HR and we will continue to invest in providing you the best experience with our leadership programs series.
The Leadership E-Series is a focused sequence of 11 leadership programs which you can do over 6 weeks or finish in 3 weeks starting on July 04th which will help you master the skills you need in these tough times.
Each program contains 15-30 careful developed learning bytes with Globally acknowledged faculty built by our award winning design team, 6 action learning projects which are supported by a learning support team and coaches to ensure practical learning.

LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS The 3 key categories of leadership skills

1. The Inner Thinker -

As a leader, the mind management is key to leadership success. The power of calm, innovative analytical and Emotionally intelligent leader is key to building successful organizations and it all starts in the mind of one leader.

2. The Outer Influencer -

A Leader is responsible for overseeing the work of others and motivating people toward a common goal. The focus of these skills help leaders align people, motivate them and power them towards the common goal. Great leaders are those that manage to communicate, coach their team members to greater and greater heights.

3. The Builder of Firms -

At the end the leader is responsible to build teams and organization systems. Builder skills help someone spot team and orgonizational inefficiencies and quickly develop solutions to challenges. It helps Leaders define and build institutional systems that work and to able to plan and manage change.

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