Certified Innovation and Design Thinker

  • Learn a whole brain approach to creativity and innovation, along with collaborative tools and practical techniques to help you create value for your customers. We bring a multi-disciplinary approach to learning and development by leveraging arts-based practices to foster creativity at work, and design thinking as a strategy for innovation

    Thinking like a designer can certainly transform the way companies develop products/services, strategies, and processes.

    Design Thinking is extremely useful in tackling problems that are ill-defined or unknown, by re-framing the problem in human-centric ways, creating many ideas in brainstorming sessions, and adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing.

    By the end of the program you will learn:

    • Know how to use innovative skill
    • How to create an Innovative Workplace
    • What is Design Thinking and Human Reaction to it
    • Tools and Techniques of Design Thinking
    • Understanding Empathy and Behaviour
    • Tools and Techniques of Defining
    • The Art of Ideating
    • Methods and Types of Prototyping
    • Data Understanding and Evaluation

    Who should attend?

    • Channel Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Area/Territory Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, Team Leader, National Sales Manager, VP/GM/Head - Sales
    • Market Research – Manager, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Head – Advertising, VP/GM/Head - Marketing
    • Head/VP/GM – Operations, Operations Director, Operations Manager
    • HR Manager, HR Business Partner, Payroll/Compensation - Head/Mgr, Recruitment - Head/Mgr, Training & Development - Head/Mgr, Appraisals - Head/Mgr, Industrial Relations/Personnel Manager, VP/GM – HR
  • MODULE 1: Innovation
    • Need for innovation
    • What is innovation?
    • How to use innovation skill
    • Creating an innovative workplace
    MODULE 2: Design Thinking
    • Importance of design thinking
    • What is design thinking & human reaction to it
    • Organizational setting for Design thinking
    • Tools and techniques of design thinking
    MODULE 3: Empathy
    • Importance of Empathy
    • Understanding Empathy and behavior
    • Empathy-Building techniques
    • Facilitating Design Empathy
    MODULE 4: Define
    • The power of Definition
    • Basics of defining
    • Tools and techniques of defining
    MODULE 5: Ideation
    • Need for Ideation
    • Understanding the Ideation
    • The act of Ideating
    MODULE 6: Prototyping
    • Need for Prototyping
    • Understanding the Prototyping
    • Methods and types of Prototyping
    MODULE 7: Evaluation
    • Need for Evaluation
    • Data understanding and Evaluation
    • Financial Analysis
    • Wrapping up

Why you should enroll for Certification in CERTIFIED INNOVATION AND DESIGN THINKER

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