Certified Maximal Leader (CML)

By learning Maximal Leadership, you will learn how to manage different personalities, create a motivational atmosphere in the organization and able to handle different situations.

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    Middle Earth courses rank among the top 10 courses globally in all verticals. We have won multiple awards from HR.com & TrainingIndustry.com

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    Projects with live faculty support and mentors will help you practice the skills taught. We provide one year of coaching and bootcamps which will sharpen your skills

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    The participants can choose a flexible learning path from 40+ certifications in HR and L&D including proficiency classes in HR tech and legal country system

  • Global and Senior Participant Pool

    The participants who enroll in our programs have an experience ranging from 7 to 25 years and they come from 60+ countries.

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    The program is delivered by the faculty who were practitioners of HR with 15-40 years of experience with the best of companies

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    MEHR conducts over 15 community events every month. We also have active membership portal and provide job support to our alumni

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    Trusted by more than 5000 leading corporate across India, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia


By the end of the program you will learn

  • To appreciate the importance of attitude, components of attitude, building elements of attitude in manager
  • Emotional intelligence, situational self-management
  • How Leadership Beliefs & Courage are developed
  • Building effective new Habits
  • The importance of goal setting, Warren Buffet method, climber vs camper vs quitter
  • Building Time discipline
  • About barriers of Interpersonal communication
  • Why empathetic listening matters, benefits of empathetic, questioning skills, building rapport Managing different personalities in your team
  • How to manage the performance, using different methods
  • What, when and how to do Process Intervention
  • Creating a Motivational Climate in the team
  • Situational leadership in different types of situations
  • Handling defensive and difficult team members using structured feedback techniques
  • To create power, leading through vision and behavior

Who should attend?

  • Channel Sales Manager, Relationship Mgr, Key Accounts Manager, Business Development Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Area/Territory Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, Team Leader, National Sales Manager, VP/GM/Head – Sales
  • Market Research – Manager, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Head – Advertising, VP/GM/Head - Marketing
  • Head/VP/GM – Operations, Operations Director, Operations Manager
  • HR Manager, HR Business Partner, Payroll/Compensation - Head/Mgr, Recruitment - Head/Mgr, Training & Development - Head/Mgr, Appraisals - Head/Mgr, Industrial Relations/Personnel Manager, VP/GM – HR
  • Mid to senior managers who are moving or have moved from an operational to a strategic role with increasing responsibility
  • Directors, VPs, AVPs, account managers, general managers, regional managers, entrepreneurs, and project managers across industries and functions


INR:12,500+18% GST


  • Why is it important to deliver improvements?
  • Understanding, Identifying and measuring improvement
  • What, when and how to do process intervention
  • Why motivation
  • Sources, Models & Motivators
  • Motivating Team performance
  • Creating a motivational climate
  • Barriers and Models
  • Empathetic Listening and questioning
  • Developing rapport
  • Putting your point effectively
  • Managing different personalities
  • What are habits
  • Power of small habit change
  • Building effective new habits
  • Framework to ensure your habits stick
  • Why Influence & collaborate key models
  • Developing influence
  • Building collaboration
  • Situational leadership
  • Managing collaborative meeting
  • Foundations of managing performance
  • Managing under performers
  • Using HPT Methods
  • Handling defensive and difficult team members
  • Analyze your Goals
  • Critical task analysis
  • Doing AB CD analysis to prioritize
  • How beliefs and courage are developed
  • Process to build managerial courage and attitude
  • Approaches to EI & resilience
  • How to improve your EI

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