Certified in Emotional Intelligence Specialist

  • The studies show that EQ is more important than IQ when it comes to thriving across the board, whether it’s in relationships or work or just day-to-day life. EQ is not just being sharp, it is also about way of communicating and getting on with other people and even oneself, and if it’s not right, at right time, it’s going to hold you back. In the workplace, the biggest traits looked for is the ability to adapt and be resourceful: these are emotional intelligent skills are their very best. The good news is that EQ can be developed throughout any one’s life time. This global program will not only be an eye opener to what EQ is all about but also will train the participants how to apply the concepts in daily life using a weekly diary and get along with situations that are challenging with more ease and good results full of happiness.

    By the end of the program you will learn:

    • Understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence
    • Recognize the impact Emotional Intelligence abilities have on professional development and career
    • Accurately observe and interpret the verbal and non verbal behavior of others
    • Assess your own Emotional Intelligence abilities
    • Increase self awareness and develop a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses through Emotional Intelligence training
    • Improve your sensitivity to corporate cultures and respond appropriately to workplace social issues
    • Identify and apply the five key Emotional skills to a broad variety of workplace situations
    • Improving your team’s Emotional Intelligence: Learn how to work with your team to improve their Emotional Intelligence
    • Develop cohesive Emotionally Intelligent teams
    • Use Emotional Intelligence to achieve greater Leadership excellence

    Who should attend?

    • HR Managers, HR Executives
    • People who wish to learn specific methods to improve emotional intelligence
    • Managers and Heads in companies
    • People who are interested in gaining key strengths and behavior required to be effective managers
    • People who have a busy schedule and so want to have a flexibility of time
  • 1:Overview to Emotional Intelligence
    • Why Emotional Intelligence
    • Definitions of Emotional Intelligence
    • Self Check – EI
    • Physical aspects of EI
    • The CAMI – MEHR expanding Helix model
    2:Active Emotional Awareness
    • Scanning
    • And Recognizing emotions
    • Legitimately Express
    • Speak Softly
    3:Manage EI in Self
    • Situational(A+B=C)
    • Alter them & Video practice
    • Inspirational ( 5 voices)
    4:Manage EI with others
    • Empathy
    • FEEF Model
    • Managing emotions- EDGE Model
    • Conflict styles
    5:Manage EI in Teams
    • Building EI Communication
    • Creating Team Openness and Reducing Conflict Flashpoints

    Name: Nitin Sanker
    Experience: 30+ Years
    Did his BE from IIT Roorkee and his MBA in HR and Marketing from IIM Calcutta.
    His first 4 years after academics were spent as a Business Manager with PL accountability managing International training centers, as a instructional designer and learning consultant for NIIT and NIS. His next 4 years as a strategic consultant looking at process and people development with a strategic consulting firm which specialized in business transformation.

    The last 20 years he has been designing award winning training programs, he has been an OD specialist working with Governments and Organizations like Samsung, Bank du Cairo, Government of Kuwait, Government of Indonesia, Dr Reddy labs, Tech Mahindra, Holcim Philippines etc. He is also visiting faculty with varied institutions Like ISB, IIM Calcutta, University of Jakarta, IIM Indore and others.

    He functions currently as Middle HR’s CEO as well as taking up a dual role as a Lead Global Trainer, OD Consultant and CXO coach.

    He has been awarded the HR Champion award from the Human Capital Institute, He was awarded for outstanding contribution to world HR by The world HR Congress, he has been recognized by Business India in their issue “best of the best” as one of the top 10 alumni from IIM Calcutta in the last 40 years.

    Name: Shuvam Das
    Experience: 25+ Years
    Shuvam holds a Hotel Management Degree from India`s Top Hotel Management College; He has majored in Marketing with a specialization in strategy from IIM Calcutta.

    Senior professional with an experience spanning 20 plus years, with a background in strategic HR, L&D, operations, media, communications and strategy.

    He has been a SBU head for Hindustan Times and worked at strategic level for one of India`s leading telcos. He has conducted change management and leadership training for clients in telecom and media, coached and mentored people in different industries at different levels, been involved with a PMS based on the Balanced Scorecard for telecom, structured a performance matrix and deployment for the Government of Kenya, which included coaching and mentoring, leadership training and setting up of a strategic learning structure using LMS, multimedia, and on the ground training.

    He is passionate about learning and development as a tool to impact productivity at the operational level and strategy at the management level. Over the years he has trained, coached and mentored over 10,000 people at various levels across many industries and functions and has been awarded many times, both in his stint in the corporate world as well as a consultant.

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