Certified Behavioral Emotional Intelligence Coach (CBEIC)

This course addresses the limitations of traditional EQ programs by focusing on practical behavioral strategies. Completing this course gives you tools to effectively apply Emotional Intelligence concepts, ensuring measurable outcomes in personal and professional settings. On completion of this course, you will get a free 6-weeks certification LMS tool to further enhance your career in this area.

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  • Describe what are habits &briefly discuss why habits are important
  • Know Why EI is Important how does it Help
  • How does emotions , habits work in the mind and the Happiness hormones
  • Describe the elements of habit loop and Learn about the different types of habits, emotional states and develop the habit of scanning your emotional states and emotional triggers
  • Learn about growth mindset and fixed mind set
  • Setting Your Habit Triggers and Anchor points, Building Your Routines & Creating Your Rewards
  • Identifying Pivotal Habits & Building A Habit Plan
  • Learn about identifying Situational self management, Learn about ways to alter triggers
  • Learn about how to change old beliefs and build new beliefs
  • Learn about coaching process , loop planning and reward reinforcement
  • Using Socratic Questioning, Effective Listening, Rodgers Attitude And Influence, Body Language

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  • Why habits and EI are core drivers for the success
  • Power of changing Habits and EI
  • How habits and emotions work in mind
  • Happiness Hormones- ‘Does’ and positive psychology intervention
  • Setting your anchor points
  • Building your routines
  • Creating your rewards
  • Identifying pivotal habits
  • Building a habit plan
  • Coaching process & Loop planning
  • Rich goal visioning
  • Reward reinforcement
  • Psychical environment
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Scanning and dairy method
  • The habits loops
  • 3 types of habits
  • Emotional state
  • Dysfunctional Emotional hijacking
  • Positive emotional state
  • Growth mindset
  • Situational(A+B=C)
  • Changing beliefs
  • Altering Triggers
  • 5 voices and the PERMARATH principle and +ve psychology interventions
  • Using Socratic questioning
  • Effective listening
  • Rodgers attitude and influence
  • Coaching journals
  • Body Language

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