Certified Master Negotiator

  • Negotiators tend to concede too much, and focus on price and not enough on exchanging services other than price. The course focuses on these problems and the practical skills and techniques necessary to achieve win/win agreements. Participants will learn to identify, select, and execute various tactics and to respond to adversarial tactics.

    It is an engaging workshop that equips negotiators and sales professionals to find and prove the value of their offering and resolve difficult negotiating challenges in a collaborative manner. The course will also provide you with a set of tools to handle the most demanding negotiation like a master. By working on a carefully chosen array of cases you will learn how to enhance your analytical skills and build your intuition, both of which are prerequisites for successful negotiations.

    By the end of the program you will learn:

    • Skills and Instruments used for Negotiation
    • Finding out Tradable
    • Key aspects for a successful negotiation
    • Agreement and Implementation
    • Tactics Essential for Negotiators

    Who should attend?

    • Fresher, Sales Trainee/Management Trainee, Sales Exec/Sales Representative, Channel Sales Manager, Relationship Mgr, Key Accounts Manager, Business Development Manager, Business Development Executive, Regional Sales Manager, Area/Territory Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, Team Leader, National Sales Manager, VP/GM/Head - Sales
    • Fresher, Market Research – Executive, Market Research – Manager, Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Head – Advertising, VP/GM/Head - Marketing
    • Head/VP/GM – Operations, Operations Director, Operations Executive/Supervisor, Operations Manager
    • HR Executive/Recruiter, HR Manager, HR Business Partner, Appraisals - Head/Mgr, Industrial Relations/Personnel Manager, VP/GM - HR
  • MODULE 1: Understanding Negotiation
    • Negotiation basics
    • Skills and instruments used for negotiation
    MODULE 2: Identifying Values
    • Standards in negotiation
    • Finding the tradable
    MODULE 3: Planning for win-win
    • Maximizing Value
    • Key aspects for a successful negotiation
    MODULE 4: Process of negotiation
    • Opening the gates
    • Goal Setting
    • Exchanging information
    MODULE 5: Reaching Agreement
    • Offer and counter offer
    • Agreement and implementation Gambits and their Remedies
    MODULE 6: Advanced Skills
    • Types of Negotiators
    • Tactics Essential for negotiators

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