WHRB Accredited Master Behavioral Skills Trainer

  • This unique program offer a platform for the skill building to fill in the role of a Learning & Manager, it also brings together close to 50 Global CLOs ( or soon to be CLOs ) together from across the globe, offering a platform to network, share and collaborate and build personal and professional bonds spanning continent.

    Today the profession of Training / Teaching has become quite challenging and as the role of the trainer evolves, it will become more demanding of your talent and time. Being an educator is not just about sharing knowledge; it is about making sure that learners truly integrate this knowledge and derive learning out of it. Therefore, to be an effective Trainer/ Facilitator, you need to be able to deliver using the most suitable pedagogical tools and to remain most effective, you need to "sharpen the Axe".


    1. Global Certifications

    Get three practical Global HR certifications from Middle Earth HR to build key HRM competencies. All the programs are designed using optimal ID techniques like reigeluth elaboration and spiral ADDIE designs to maximize retention and practicality.

    2. Immersive HR Networking Experience

    Attend various certifications to be able to meet the top and elite group of HR professionals.

    3. Extremely Flexible Learning Path

    Select electives to build a tailored learning path, block blackout months where you have a peak load and accelerate your learning as and when you want to help you learn at your time and pace.

    4. Project Guidance and Mentoring

    Complete three key HR projects to hone skills with the help of our team of guides and mentors. This will build critical competencies in HRM.

    5. Free Tool and Directory Listing

    Free tool for your practical growth and HR services directory listing to help increase your clientele.


    1. MEHR’S - Certified L&D Manager
    2. MEHR’S - Master Trainer and Facilitator
    3. MEHR’S - Certified Psychometric Test Professional
  • Certified Learning & Development Manager
    • MODULE 1: Competency Mapping
    • MODULE 2: Competency Assessment
    • MODULE 3: Developmental Planning and Design
    • MODULE 4: Developmental Evaluation
    • MODULE 5: Management Buy In
    Master Trainer and Facilitator
    • MODULE 1: Identify learning needs
    • MODULE 2: Prepare learning session plans
    • MODULE 3: Create positive learning environment
    • MODULE 4: Instruct Learners in groups
    • MODULE 5: Assess learner's and evaluate training
    Certified Psychometric Test Professional
    • MODULE 1: Overview of Psychology
    • MODULE 2: Psychometric Assessment Overview
    • MODULE 3: Categories of Tests
    • MODULE 4: Test for Traits – The PSI
    • MODULE 5: Test for Motives – The TAT Test
    • MODULE 6: Motivational Analysis Using Career Anchors – The RSI Test
    • MODULE 7: Ability Testing
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