Certification on OD Tools

  • Certification on OD Tools (CODT)

    “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
    Any normal group, and certainly any developed and organized one contains and should contain individuals of very different character…. It is easy enough to see that the common fate of all Jews makes them a group in reality.
    Understand the critical tools and techniques available for Small Group Interventions and Human Performance modeling in the organization with a backdrop of organization Development. The key tools of Human & group intervention are part of the evolving science of intra Group Development The course consists of tools and methodologies on group process management, people management tools , Human performance improvement processes , grievance handling, employee negotiations and trust building techniques.

    • Small Group Interventions and theories on what makes a group successful.
    • Role of Action Research Theory in organizations and group processes.
    • Components of Group Process COP model and concepts and theories related to each component of group process.
    • Introduction and evolution of Human Performance Technology, use of Performance Analysis, Performance Audit in organizations.
    • HPT Models and their implementations in the organizational context to organizational problems.
    • Employee Management Practices, Grievance handling tools and mechanisms.
    • Conversational Intelligence and Guided Listening along with the behavioral skills that are required to maintain rapport with exercises and case studies.
  • Group Process Consulting
    • Successful Teams
    • Action Research Process
    • Appreciative Inquiry – Future state of Action Research
    • MEHR COP Model - Group Processes
    HPI Modelling
    • Human Performance Technology
    • Performance Model
    • HPT Models
    Skills for Group Process Consulting
    • Conversational Intelligence
    • Guided Listening
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