WHRB Licentiate in HR Business Partner

  • The WHRB Licentiate in HR Business Partner is where business knowledge and academic excellence collide, producing one of the most exciting challenging programs in the world to learn about HR application to business and management. HR Curriculum is highly relevant and integrates real world challenges with a HR content rich learning environment.

    The Licentiate in HR Business Partner is our flagship program. With only 5 scholarship seats per city, competition for places on this select program is fierce.


    1. Global Certifications

    Get three practical Global HR certifications from Middle Earth HR to build key HRM competencies. All the programs are designed using optimal ID techniques like reigeluth elaboration and spiral ADDIE designs to maximize retention and practicality.

    2. Immersive HR Networking Experience

    Attend various certifications to be able to meet the top and elite group of HR professionals.

    3. Extremely Flexible Learning Path

    Select electives to build a tailored learning path , block blackout months where you have a peak load and accelerate your learning as and when you want to help you learn at your time and pace.

    4. Project Guidance and Mentoring

    Complete 4 key HR projects to hone skills with the help of our team of guides and mentors. This will build critical competencies in HRM.


    1. MEHR’S - Certified HR Business Partner
    2. MEHR’S - Certified Performance & Competency Developer
    3. MEHR’S - Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager
  • Certified HR Business Partner
    • MODULE 1: Sensitize
    • MODULE 2: Strategize
    • MODULE 3: Operationalize
    • MODULE 4: Revize
    Certified Performance & Competency Developer
    • MODULE 1: Basics of performance and competency
    • MODULE 2: Planning
    • MODULE 3: Assessment
    • MODULE 4: Improvement
    Certified Compensation & Benefit Manager
    • MODULE 1: Compensation And Benefit Environment
    • MODULE 2: Building Internal Equity
    • MODULE 3: External Equity
    • MODULE 4: Individual Equity
    • MODULE 5: Benefit Plans
    • MODULE 6:Total Reward Systems
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