Middle Earth HR

Business Partners

MEHR has business partners in the following locations.

People StrategistsLocation: Delhi

People Strategists (Delhi) is a one stop services provider for most Learning & Development requirements that organizations and individuals may have. We consolidate various schools of thoughts, philosophies, researches and methodologies to deliver powerful solutions that give high return over your investment.

Bookmytrainings.comLocation: Bangalore

Bookmytrainings.com(Bangalore), India's #1 Training Marketplace, helps working professionals to discover, evaluate and choose right course for improving their knowledge and skills. The company has been serving individuals and corporate since year 2011 and so far has helped 10000+ learners and 200+ corporate HR/L&D managers across India. Bookmytrainings has received several awards from various HR and Start-up communities and is considered a pioneer for training marketplace in India.

Shelby Management SolutionsLocation: Bangalore

Shelby Management Solutions(Bangalore) is a unique, unwavering and inspirational service provider, headquartered at Bangalore. We at Shelby aim at giving a crisp and innovation definition to consulting services, thereby nurturing the Indian talent. Shelby is an ultimate productivity booster with an array of HR services.

Handover ConsultingLocation: Jordan

Handover Consulting (Jordan) was initiated to partner with companies across the Middle East and provide them with unique and competitive consulting solutions to address their Recruitment and Human Resources challenges. Our team of specialists have been engaged with a number of multinational, regional, and local establishments and accordingly bring along solid operational and consulting capabilities in their areas of expertise.

BrainigenceLocation: Nepal

Brainigence staunchly believes Human Capital, Employer Branding and an Effective Management System being the most important assets of any workplace. The wellbeing and lifeline of any organization is directly proportionated to all these three spheres. BRAINIGENCE was founded with a vision - Envisioning the new era in Management! BRAINIGENCE helps polish entities integrating their workforce with intelligence thereby embossing them having the most contented workforce.

Ace Corporate Learn QuestLocation: Mumbai

Ace Corporate LearnQuest(Mumbai) seeks to truly make a difference in your life, so that you contribute more to your organizations and enjoy a richer personal life. We partner with companies that seek to improve their business productivity and people performance. We are looking at building work cultures in which people bring passion and innovation to build excellence in work.


PREMIUM HR SERVICES Company established to be recognized as market leaders in the provision of Executive Search and Training & Development. Our flexible approach to Recruitment & Trainings ensures we support clients in a highly tailored manner and reflect their specific needs. Our team of experts always improves organizations by mobilizing candidates with relevant experience and skills required for the position. PREMIUM’S aim is to provide permanent, contract, temporary and outsourced recruitment solutions to different sectors and verticals. With presence globally with our branches and our strategic partners, we ensure a turnkey solution is provided to our clients.

Potentials HUBLocation: Nigeria

Potentials HUB is a human resources management company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide human resources management consulting services to SME, non-profits, schools, and local government. Our mission is to provide customized, results driven, cost effective services to our clients so that human resources management problems can be addressed, resolved and stay resolved. We work alongside our clients to analyze their organization’s unique demands and then offer highly configured answers to their needs. Potentials HUB was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria on 20th of November, 2012.

Expert Insight Training CenterLocation: Saudi Arabia

We were not founded to chase revenue we were founded to provide exceptional knowledge and expertise to our clients who enables them to stand out from their peers and lead their industries, as long as we serve this purpose revenue will come and we’ll continue to exist and lead the training industry.