• MEHR Certified HR Generalist

    As an HR Generalist, you are expected to be an expert in every human resource function, including everything from hiring to compensation to payroll to performance management to the numerous employment laws.

    Not only do you need to have a strong knowledge base in all areas, but even more importantly, you need to be able to apply your knowledge to the daily situations that arise in your workplace.

    Gain the foundational knowledge needed to begin your journey in the field of human resources. Engage in dynamic group discussions and hands-on activities facilitated by a leading HR expert. Use this program as a networking opportunity and to propel your HR career in the right direction. This course has been designed to provide you with practical solutions to the HR challenges you confront every day.

  • Module 1: Recruitment and Induction Process
    • Recruitment Basics
    • Sourcing and Interview Process
    • Selection Process
    • Induction process
    Module 2: Compensation and Payroll System
    • Understanding compensation
    • Compensation structures
    • Equity theory
    • Understanding grading
    Module 3: Performance and Competency System
    • Understanding PCMS
    • Performance & Competency Measures
    • Performance & Competency Monitoring
    • Performance Improvement planning
    Module 4: HR Quantification and Analysis
    • Operational Analytics
    • Building Dashboards
    • HR Metrics
    • Benchmarking and Reporting
  • Location Company Feedback
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    The program fee covers tution, books, case materials, accommodations, and meals. There is no application fee. No payment is necessary until you have been accepted into the MEHR Certified HR Generalist Program.

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    Note: Only 1 "40% scholarship" and 4 "30% scholarship" per city.
    The program fee is exclusive of GST.

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