Executive Certificate in Business Analytics and OD

  • MEHR IIM - Executive Certificate in Business Analytics and OD

    Business Analytics is about quantitative analysis and predictive modeling towards data-driven competitive strategies. Analytics are being used as a tool to identify the most profitable customers; offer the right price; accelerate product innovation; optimize supply chains; identifying the true drivers of financial performance etc. Competence in analytics has become a critical skill for managers of the new age business organizations.

    This executive program would have modules such as High Performance Team Intervention, Business Excellence Modelling, Organizational Development Interventions, Business Analytics. The overall value gained at the end of the program is expected to build a solid foundation of business analytics.

  • Module 1: High Performance Team Intervention
    • COP model to build High performing teams
    • Understanding Human Performance Technology
    • Using Gilberts analytic tools for Human Performance interventions
    Module 2: Business Excellence Modelling
    • Understanding Organizational Diagnosis
    • Using tools like Malcolm Baldridge, EFQM for organizational analysis
    Module 3: Organizational Development Interventions
    • Understanding System Intervention
    • Building Organization structure Interventions
    • Optimizing operations using process interventions
    • Using culture interventions to mold behavior
    • Knowledge management
    Module 4: Business Analytics
    • Understanding the evaluation and process of analytics
    • Operational or descriptive analytics
    • Hypothesis setting / data mining
    • Building predictive analytics using correlation and regression
  • Location Company Feedback
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    The program fee covers tution, books, case materials, accommodations, and meals. There is no application fee. No payment is necessary until you have been accepted into the MEHR IIM - Executive Certificate in Business Analytics and OD Program.

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    Note: Only 1 "40% scholarship" and 4 "30% scholarship" per city.
    The program fee is exclusive of GST.

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