Team Launch Pad

  • Team launch pad is an extremely effective intervention tool for bringing out competencies like collaboration, team work, creativity and building high performance teams. This experiential learning programme will start from setting expectations to an orientation session followed by a series of activities which are conducted in our unique method of reflective exercises, de-brief and group processing. The program is designed in a way that we move from mild activities to more challenging activities.

    Re-energizes teams, builds stronger bonds, results in self-discovery and introspection, motivates individuals, better alignment of shared vision, talent, and effort, better interpersonal relations within the team.

    Competencies for Team Launch Pad
    Five unique behavioral traits that MEHR focuses to identify and improve under Team Launch Pad program are

    • Team Oriented and Collaborative
    • Be creative and Take initiatives
    • Achievement orientation
    • Flexible and Manage Stress and multiple priorities
    • Team bonding and building informal communication channels
  • Standard Teamwork Icebreaker (Using Team Logos / Team)
    • Introductions of Team Setting
    • Building an Internal Structure
    • Icebreaking for the Day
    Understanding Models of Successful Models of Team Behavior (Using Star Bars Exercise – an Outdoor Team Exercise with Medium Exertion)
    • The CAMI/MEC 3Ps Model for Team Behavior and Its Application to Successful Teams
    • Understanding the Different team roles
    • Key Aspects of Successful teams
    • How people can Work Successfully in Uncertainty
    Effective Collaborative Behavior/ Conflict in Teams (Egg drop activity)
    • Role of High Initiative People
    • Collaborative vs. Competitive Behavior in Teams
    • Applying CAMI/MEC’s 3P Framework to People Issues
    Team Styles Instrument (PSI (an MBTI like Jungian tool)
    • Reducing team dissent
    • Building consensus
    • Successful people behaviors in teams
    • Dealing with different people
    • Sensitizing people to their conflict points

    Games and activities to enhance the Johari Window support
    Team bonding and building informal communication channels (Fire side corner and sugar grams, De Brief)
    • Encourage two-way feedback
    • Clarity of roles and responsibilities
    • Build the team spirit
    • Use time wisely


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