Certified Competency Based Interviewing Skills

  • Recruitment is not just about filling jobs that are vacant right now or filling jobs that may become vacant soon; it is about making a continuous, long-term investment in attracting a high-quality workforce capable of accomplishing the organization’s mission now and in the future.
    Interviews are a very complex communicational process, in a short time predicting the future performance of a person involves specialized questioning skills, accurate body language base lining, strong understanding of behavior indicators and motivational dissonance factors.
    This program helps you acquire skills which help you conduct functional, behavioral and Motivational analysis through specialized interviews and in-depth candidate assessment on all three critical areas. It helps in-depth quantification of candidates by careful motivational screening it supports retention. Also, it focuses on employer branding and negotiation techniques post interview which ensure the best candidates joins.

    By the end of this workshop you’ll learn:
    • Quantify the ROI of Interviews , mathematical regression modeling of interviews to Identify and improve interview practices
    • Identify and Evaluate the Candidate on Motivational dissonance factors and self image analysis to significantly reduce short attrition
    • Use the Behavioral event interviewing techniques, BARS based rating scales to better predict behavior and values of candidates
    • Use quan comm and iceberg models during interviewing
    • Use icebreaker question techniques, employer branding, effective body language baselining to create positive perceptions about the company
    • To understand the latest trends and tools in recruitment
    • Use scene setter and past performance questions and also golden pause probe, single word probes
    • Use ZOPA , multi factor tradable to ensure win-win offer management
  • Interviewing – cost, metrics and models (2hrs)
    • Interviewing the most critical piece in selection
    • Cost of a bad interview
    • Understanding an interview truly
    • Metrics and analytics of interviewing, Iceberg model
    • MEHR model to get interviews right
    Pre Interview Positional Analysis (3hrs)
    • Positional Analysis – Why is it important?
    • Three Steps - Functional , Behavioral and motivational
    • Functional analysis – JEA , critical Incident
    • Behavioral – Core values, Extended JEA, Behavioral Inventories Useful tool to attract, hire, retain and develop a qualified employee.
    Specialized Interview processes and questions (3hrs)
    • Practice interviewing of functional / Behavioral / Motivational techniques
    • Questioning on Salary benefit and growth fitment Hygiene factor to check? Self image check points and body language base lining
    • Behavior interviewing – Breadth and depth behavioral interview questions, BARS based comparisons
    • Functional attributes – which looks at functional attributes, cognitive and skill anchors
    • Motivational Analysis
    Advance Interview skills (4hrs)
    • Advanced – specialized Listening , Body Language Baselining & Evaluation
    • Golden pause, single word probes and clearing house probe
    • Evaluation of the interview process through Assessment, The Ranking Systems, and checklist scales
    Employee Value Proposition(EVP) & Offer Management (2hrs)
    • Psychological need assessment & offer Management
    • Negotiation Techniques like ZOPA, Tradable management
    • Employer Branding


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