Outbound training..breaking away from the shackles of classroom interventions for an immersive, experiential learning, where key elements are blended with fun for a higher retention. Middle Earth HR conducts outbound training on leadership, behavioral skills, leveraging human behavior and emotions of team dynamics.


Five unique behavioral traits that MEHR focuses to identify and improve under each program are

Team Launch Captain Courageous Chanakya's Chant
Collaborative and supportive of others team oriented and focused on team goals Be creative and take initiatives Strategic thinking and big picture and cross functional thinking & multitasking and time management
Be creative and take initiatives Negotiate and manage realationships internally and customers resource exchange Problem solving and manage change and risk effectively
Achievment orientaion Big picture thinking and interface between and interface between top managment and employee groups, multitask and manage complex systems Inspirational leadership and attitude to urgency and drive results
Flexible and manage stress and multiple priorities Manage team performance and give feedback Emotional intelligence
Team bonding and building informal communication channels Team bonding and building informal communication channels Team bonding and building informal communication channels


MEHR has a unique differentiating methodology wherein the employees need to participate in a 45 min or 1-hour Game followed by a 1-hour Debrief about the identified behavioral traits which is then followed by a 1-hour session on Growth Lab discussing with them about the improvement plans. The growth coaching will be worked on in the following 4 weeks through an action diary with weekly coach reviews.


For more information on the in company training programs,
please contact Ms.Supriya Chennuri on +91 9885439013/ 040 69431521 or write to us on supriyach@middleearthhr.com