Case Studies

A global pharmaceutical and diversified agri-product company. Competency assessment centers were required to identify high potential people for promotion to area sales managers having the right mix of complex competencies required. A competency center was developed which helped improve their promotion process significantly.

First Indian Corporation
First Indian corporation is a subsidiary of the fortune 500 company, First American Corporation. They wanted for their managerial development procedure identify managerial competency gaps in their supervisory team, an in-depth assessment center was conducted which lead to pinpointed development needs being identified which helped the company develop their training plan for this team as well as personalized development plans.

Holcim is the leading cement manufacturer in Philippines. A thorough study of the current Compensation system was done and identified differences in salary structure among unionized and non-unionized employees in various aspects like annual hike, red circle rule, PIR etc. Re-design of the current system was proposal was developed to minimize the gaps through inflationary increase in salary, performance based merit increase, introducing rewards and recognition program, relocation benefits etc.

Samsung, leader of the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. They wanted to identify the critical competencies of their DGM's and AGM's. An assessment center was designed and conducted in detail and developmental plan was presented to improve and enhance their performance.

Motorola – Net plane
Net plane was being acquired and merged into Motorola; there was apprehension in the company about the merger. A visioning exercise was carried out to merge the old company vision with the new merged entity. The director of the company said Middle Earth HR conducted an activity-based program for my organization that included creating a team vision & alignment. The primary facilitator for this particular program was excellent in engaging the team and creating an environment for learning & bonding”. The program helped significantly in ensuring the merged entity met its new strategic objectives.

Dr.Reddys specialized supply chain team needed to develop better employee teamwork and cohesiveness, there was also some interpersonal issues. The head of the team decided to carry out a 360-degree competency appraisal followed by structured training. A behavioral anchored scale was developed and a 360-degree assessment was carried out, individual learning plans were built after detailed internal feedback.

SEW Infrastructure Limited is a leading engineering construction company with five decades of rich experience in executing excellent turnkey projects in diverse fields. To transform SEW into a Great Place to Work, SEW wanted to conduct corporate cultural survey and design the approach for achieving their aim of making SEW a great place to work.MEC conducted survey on various aspects like Learning environment, empowerment of people, collaboration & teamwork, reward practices etc and proposed high impact OD interventions.

Competency maps were required for many technical positions. An internal team was trained on competency mapping and assisted consulting was provided to develop competency maps.

An employee engagement survey was conducted to identify key dissatisfies and hygiene factors amongst the employees. The survey helped pinpoint critical aspects and helped the organization.

Recruitment process was developed and a detailed interview guide was provided to ensure consistency and build candidate perceptions during the interview process. A team of recruiters was trained to build an interview panel.

Saankhya InfoTech
A recruitment process was developed for the company including psychometric and functional skill assessment.

A customized Communication & Interviewing Skills workshop was conducted for the first year students at NMIMS, Hyderabad. A pre assessment centre was conducted for the students to help identify their specific areas of improvement and focus only on those skills/ competencies for the training. The training program followed a growth lab pattern and focused on building the students’ active listening skills, assertive communication & communication skills, organizing flow of thoughts and presentation skills. A post assessment was also conducted to assess the effectiveness of the training and also to give the students appropriate feedback on the improvement that they had shown through the program and some areas of further improvement.

Schneider Electrics
Recruitment process was developed and a detailed interview guide was provided to ensure consistency and build candidate perceptions during the interview process. A team of recruiters was trained to build an interview panel.

A Conflict Management workshop was conducted for EADS, Bangalore. The one and a half day training program focused on identifying the managerial actions that may be a precursor to a workplace conflict, common steps to manage conflict, conflict management strategies, effective conflict resolvers and establishing a code of conduct for a conducive environment. The workshop ended with a Bonfire and De-briefing session to build Team Openness.

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