Certified Strategic Leader

Certified Strategic Leader – Is a training intervention to focus on Senior leadership which enhance their performance and team and corporate performance. the focus of the intervention would be to fine tune their Strategic acumen, people process and management, leading and managing self, building high performance in teams and charismatic leadership. It is also planned that this program would aid in creating a learning culture in organization and drive positive change in the organization. As fresh learning motivates people it is hoped that this will help in the retention of these key employees.

Accreditations & Awards:


  • Top Ranked Course

    Middle Earth courses rank among the top 10 courses globally in all verticals. We have won multiple awards from HR.com & TrainingIndustry.com

  • 100% Practical Training

    Projects with live faculty support and mentors will help you practice the skills taught. We provide one year of coaching and bootcamps which will sharpen your skills

  • Flexible Learning Path

    The participants can choose a flexible learning path from 40+ certifications in HR and L&D including proficiency classes in HR tech and legal country system

  • Global and Senior Participant Pool

    The participants who enroll in our programs have an experience ranging from 7 to 25 years and they come from 60+ countries.

  • Practitioner Faculty

    The program is delivered by the faculty who were practitioners of HR with 15-40 years of experience with the best of companies

  • World Class Design

    Our world class designs in E-Learning and Coaching to ensure impact for high ROI.

  • Recommended by IIM & other Top B-Schools Alumni

    This Course is recommended by Alumni’s of IIMs, ISB, SP Jain & other top B-Schools

  • Trusted by 5000+ Corporate

    Trusted by more than 5000 leading corporate across India, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia


  • Understand business strategy, key drivers for competitive positioning and key factors to improve company business, handle change initiatives to support strategy.
  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, it’s criticality to corporate success
  • Understand corporate financial statements and analyse financial ratios, measurements, balance sheet, cash flow
  • Criticality of process intervention, what, when and how to do Process Intervention
  • Understanding competency and talent management and understanding key steps in implementing explain talent Management practices in India and Global level
  • Culture, Ethics and Behaviour alignment. How to Creating a positive performance culture
  • Goal & Personal Alignment, managing personal life and professional life balance effectively
  • Manage and master mindset elements which enhance professional success, components of attitude, building elements of attitude in strategic leaders
  • Multi-tasking , managing time needs effectively to maximise productivity
  • Creating performance ecosystem & monitoring schedules, what and when to monitor
  • Giving feedback, managing high and low performance, Managing Recognition, rewarding and Reviews
  • Aligning teams, creating behavior norms, working on vision and mission
  • Negotiation and managing key corporate relations
  • Build executive presence effectively to show charismatic leadership
  • Situational leadership in different types of situations and Coaching

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  • What Is Strategy?
  • Driving Forces for corporate success
  • Criticality of change and improvement
  • Hedgehog Principle
  • Understanding Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Analysis of financial statement
  • Activity based and accrual costing
  • Critical financial ratios
  • Budgeting and Evaluation of Financial Statements
  • Identifying departmental competencies
  • Analysis tools for competencies
  • Identification of key positions
  • Building a talent pipeline
  • Succession planning and Developing people
  • Critical competencies for key positions
  • Developing an IDP plan
  • Understanding and Identifying Key goals
  • Perception
  • Locus of Control
  • Creating leverage
  • Setting goals
  • Focusing on your goals both professional and personal
  • Analyze your Goals
  • Critical task analysis
  • Doing AB CD analysis to prioritize
  • Delegating effectively
  • Developmental focus to enhance performance
  • Managing Gotcha and principle of positive reinforcement
  • Understand Rewards and Recognitions
  • Using feedback principles to improve performance
  • Negotiation Basics
  • Types of negotiation – Collaborative/Competitive
  • Understanding your style
  • Getting Tradable
  • Exchanging Information
  • Offer Counter Offer
  • Standards
  • Agreement and Implementation
  • Long-term key relations management
  • Situational leadership
  • Managing collaborative meeting
  • Managing and coaching for higher performance
  • Understanding how to coach some key tools involved in coaching
  • Understanding Competitive Analysis
  • Steps in analyzing competitors
  • What is competition mapping
  • Importance of competition mapping
  • Market segmentation
  • Corporate positioning
  • Corporate messaging
  • Why is it important to deliver improvements?
  • Understanding, Identifying and measuring improvement
  • Understanding key process metrics
  • Diagnosing process for process improvement
  • What, when and how to do process intervention
  • What is culture?
  • Factors that affect culture
  • Dimensions of culture
  • Methods to manage and build culture
  • Ethical Ground Rules
  • Six Pillars of character
  • Benefits of managing ethics in the workplace
  • Positive thinking
  • Steps to having successful mindset
  • Understanding mental barriers to success
  • Creating focus
  • Managing and overcoming challenges to personal and professional success
  • Performance and its measurement aspects
  • Components of Performance process
  • Gilberts Individual Model
  • Improving Employee Performance
  • Rhythm
  • Using Performance improvement process for improvement
  • Using team behavior norms
  • Visioning and mission to maximize performance
  • Team Alignment
  • Conflict Management
  • Body Language and creating leadershippresence
  • Elements charismatic leadership and personal power
  • Using the RICE model to create immediate impact in meetings
  • Motivating and inspiringteams
  • Managing change andaccountability

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