• The Practical and Joyful Global Executive Management Program
    In today’s world, the need for understanding of global business management for senior management professionals is greater than ever. Technology has brought an increasing connectedness of markets, people and information across countries. As a result, building core skills in international strategic marketing, strategic finance, leadership & Global Thinking, Global Strategy & Change Management has become the need of the hour for the success of global leaders.

    Keeping the above requirement in mind, Middle Earth HR in collaboration with SP Jain School of Global Management (Dubai & Singapore) is launching Global General Management Programme (GGMP). This intensive program is designed to enhance & strengthen your approach to business decision making in today’s dynamic and competitive international business environment as well as transform you into an exceptional leader so that you can play a remarkable and strategic role in your organization’s global success. GGMP forces you to think and redefine your leadership and strategic approach.

    Five Pillars of this course are:

    • Strategic Marketing
    • Strategic Finance
    • Organizational Development & HRM
    • Leadership & Global Thinking
    • Strategy & Change Management

    Why you should choose this program?

    • Practical Approach – Project based as well as group cohort learning, live interactive case studies in Dubai & Singapore.
    • Program Structure – 30% (Theory): 60% (Practical):10% (Leadership Analysis) [Pie-Chart]
    • Understand globalization & fuel your global ambition in truly international cities.
    • Learn from Global faculties who are alumni of Harvard, Columbia, and IIM.
    • Multinational program with multinational faculty.
    • Career Support – Career coaching support.
    • Long term assessment – Leadership & personality skill analysis, support & coaching
    • Learning Support – Post program learning support for 2 years through articles & videos on latest trends, best practices etc. Also, you will get one free leadership certification every year for two years. These are certifications on 10X Business Leadership & Executive Life Coach worth Rs. 60,000.
    • Alumni Status – After successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded SP-JAIN alumni Status.
    • Personal branding support by making videos of your best practices.
    • Brand yourself as Career mentors & Global Innovation mentors.
    • Campus Exposure & Interactions – You will get an opportunity to be back in classroom with a class of extraordinary participants from diverse professional background but having similar career aspirations.
    • Immersive Field experiences in Dubai & Singapore including visits to iconic global village [Photo], Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Marina Sands Singapore, Gardens by the Bay illustrating global ambitions.
    • Networking Experience- Networking opportunities through immersive field trips and geo-location visits is part of the program design to build the grounds for a comprehensive interaction, lasting way beyond the course duration.
    • Completely collaborative and face to face experience – No boring sitting before & listening to an instructor. This program completely focused on campus interactive learning.


    This program is ideal for people with 10 or more years of experience who desire to consolidate or aspire to go on to senior management roles in Global companies.
    Note: Exceptional case those with lesser experience may be considered.

    • This highly integrated program comprises of two on-campus modules, with a campus component of 7 days and a project component of 3 months and two off campus programs each with 2 days’ workshop & a 1 month mentored project. First Campus module will be held in the SP Jain Dubai campus for six days followed up by 12 weeks of project work. Second Campus module will be held in the SP Jain Singapore campus for six days followed up by 12 weeks of project work. Off Campus modules will be held at Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore (you can choose your nearest location to attend the program) followed up by two months of project work.
    • First Campus Module – SP JAIN Dubai
    • Second Campus Module – SP JAIN Singapore
    • First Off-Campus Module – Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore
    • Second Off-Campus Module – Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore
    • First Campus Phase - Executive Certification in Global Business Management
    • Second Campus Phase - Executive Certificate in Global Business Growth & Transformation
    • First Off-Campus Phase – Certificate in Organizational Development Intervention
    • Second Off-Campus Phase – Certificate in Organizational Development Analyst
    • Overall Program – Global General Management Programme

    Overall program certification will be certified by SP Jain & Off-campus program certifications will be certified by Middle Earth HR.

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