Partner Institutions

Carlton Advanced Management Institute (CAMI) Started by the top consulting hr specialists & academic hr leaders from institutes like Princeton, Vale, Harvard and Stanford who were dissatisfied with the current academic programs in hr and to providing of cutting edge particle hr training. CAMI is a not for profit Organization dedicated for the development of better HR practices globally through its research.

  • Global Trends & Best Practices in HR through benchmarking forums.
  • Identifies Career needs and Competencies for HR professionals on a yearly basis and produces an annual research report.
  • Based on its competency identification, it supports the designing development of HR curriculums.
  • It also creates standards for trainers and evaluation criteria for people to be certified.

This Global research will be shared with local advisory councils (South Asia Council, MENA Council, SEA & NA Council) who will present information on local trends and requirements and This will be incorporated to ensure into the programs of CAMI to create truly glocalized, practical curriculums for each region .CAMI then partners with its sister institution, MEHR to ensure the operational roll-out of programs, evaluation of the certification standards.

MEHR re-ensures that the content, curriculum & best practices are localized with specific to the region. MEHR (implementation partner of CAMI), has been conducting programs for HR working professionals across the world in association with Carlton.MEHR has trained several thousand HR professionals and helped enhance their productivity at their work place. MEHR follows its own process of marketing for the training, education and other interactive events.MEHR is also associated with Asian HR Board (AHRB), a large not for profit association of HR professionals throughout Asia.

Asian HR Board (AHRB) provides support to the career development aspirations and helps provide a supportive caring environment to HR Professionals through a shared community approach.AHRB believes that the HR community has a vital role in galvanizing society through a demonstrated leadership of ethical values. The Asian HR Board (AHRB) is today on the forefront of building cutting edge HR and strategic competencies among working professionals in HR across the globe. With over 5000 members, this association provides a community learning center and encourages peer-peer collaborative learning.

AHRB provides scholarship to develop HR Leaders and also runs 3 pioneer programs in HR.