• MIDDLE EARTH HR Franchise Model offers lucrative business opportunities for business owners or entrepreneurs passionate about learning who have the desire to flourish in the education sector. Our franchise model ensures vital support on most important aspects of business. We offer a superior business model by optimizing franchise operating model and maximizing benefits.

    Middle Earth HR (MEHR), a 20 year old organization established by IIT-IIM graduates, is today one of the largest specialist training, education and knowledge support companies for HR professionals worldwide. MEHR takes pride that it has trained more than 35000 HR professionals from all levels across the globe and also has partnered with more than a 1000 companies in their HR training & development.

    Our Benefits Includes-

    • Well researched curriculum design supported by our global research centre - Carlton Advanced Management Institute.
    • Experience of mentoring close to 2,000 projects every year in HR and People Management in the large and medium organizations globally.
    • Building Practicality through our "Global" approach- Global Concepts and Local Best Practices.
    • End-to-end support from the design through delivery, to evaluation and review of the learning intervention.
  • The concept of franchising has proven to be a very successful business model across sectors and countries. A franchise offers some important advantages to an entrepreneur. One of the biggest advantages is that a franchise is as close to a trunkey business as it gets. This means most of the work in developing the business has already been done and all the steps and processes are laid out. All one has to do is follow the standard processes.

    A small illustration on advantages of Franchise Model over Own Business Model.

    Parameters Franchise Own Business
    Risk of failure Low High
    Profit Margins Higher Lower
    Research & Development for products Highly effective Difficult
    Establishing networks & synergies Easy Difficult
    Start-up Assistance Easy Difficult
    Time taken to Breakdown Lesser Greater
    Financing Easy Difficult
  • Education is one of the most important and the growing sector in India that provides a whole lot of business opportunities for the people looking to enter the business world. MEHR Franchise model across the globe have succeeded very well due to following factors:

    • Higher Success Rate: Education franchise involves higher success rate because of the fact that even in tough times, education is the last place where people cut their finances.
    • Respectable Sector
    • Training and support: Franchisees usually need training support from the franchiser. In education sector this support is much easier since both the franchiser and the franchisee are into education.
    • Experience: Unlike other businesses everyone has experienced learning in education in their personal life. This makes them more compatible for pursuing education business compared to other businesses.
    • Diverse Product Portfolio
    • Complete Guidance on Business Processes
    • 100% practical based learning