Certified Articulate Rise Designer

Articulate Rise is a powerful and intuitive authoring tool that allows you to build interactive and responsive courses without the need for extensive programming knowledge. Through this course, you will learn how to leverage the features and capabilities of Articulate Rise to develop LMS platforms that provide an optimal learning experience for users.

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Focus of Program:

    By the end of this course, you will have developed and deployed responsive LMS platforms using Articulate Rise. You'll be able to develop engaging and dynamic courses that adapt easily to multiple devices, improving your users' overall learning experience. This course will help you utilise the full potential of Articulate Rise and revolutionise your e-learning endeavours, whether you are an instructional designer, e-learning developer, or LMS administrator.
    In this course, learners will gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Articulate Rise and its unique features as an authoring tool for developing responsive LMS platforms.
  • Apply instructional design principles and user experience (UX) design techniques to create user-centric courses that engage learners effectively.
  • Design and develop courses that adapt seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes, ensuring a consistent learning experience for users.
  • Utilize interactive elements and activities available in Articulate Rise, such as quizzes, assessments, scenarios, and multimedia integration, to enhance learner engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Customize the appearance and branding of LMS platforms created with Articulate Rise, aligning them with organizational branding and creating a cohesive learning experience.
  • Create assessments and quizzes within Articulate Rise and implement progress tracking mechanisms to monitor learners' performance and progress.
  • Publish and deploy responsive LMS courses, either integrating them with existing learning management systems or deploying them as standalone courses.
  • Gain practical experience in using Articulate Rise through hands-on exercises and projects, ensuring proficiency in leveraging its features effectively.
  • Develop the ability to adapt and update LMS platforms as per evolving learner needs and technological advancements.
  • Enhance their professional capabilities as instructional designers, e-learning developers, or LMS administrators by harnessing the power of Articulate Rise to create impactful and engaging learning experiences.



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