Licentiate in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

  • Dear Future HR Leader,

    As the CEO of Middle Earth HR which is Asia’s pre-eminent company in HR training, it has been in my mind to help build more leaders in HRM.

    As part of this corporate mission, we have instituted following scholarship based programs under the aegis of the World HR Board.

    1. Licentiate in Training and Development (LTD)
    2. Licentiate in HR Business Partner (LHRBP)
    3. Licentiate in HR Generalist (LHRG)
    4. Licentiate in HR Generalist (E-Learning)
    5. Licentiate in Compensation Specialist (LCS)
    6. Licentiate in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition (LRTA)

    We believe that you have it in you to become an exceptional global HRM leader. These programs are designed to support, guide and encourage you on this journey.

    If you have 4+ years of experience and a potential to be future HRM Leader. These are exciting programs for you to upgrade your skills.

    The licentiate gives you the following benefits :

    • It is designed to create HRM leaders who can fluently guide their organizations through best HR practices, high quality practical approach & strong transformational leadership skills.
    • Network with 30-40 top learners of your caliber in training workshops which gives you intense interaction, socialization and bonding.
    • Licentiate certification supports you over the next 2 years, providing you with personal branding support, exhaustive career support and hone your leadership skills through structured leadership certifications

    I am happy to say over the last 7 years this program has enabled over 300 HR Professionals in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Philippines and India to reach their complete potential as a transformational HR leader.

    Nitin Sanker
    HR Change Evangelist
    BE - Comp. Sc - IIT Roorkee, MBA - IIM Calcutta

  • The WHRB Licentiate in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition - is where HRM, business knowledge, cutting edge skills in OD and academic excellence meet, producing one of the most exciting, challenging programs in the world to learn about HR application to business and Management. The HR curriculum is highly relevant with a HR content - rich learning environment.

    • Licentiate gives you credibility which companies look for in their leaders.
    • Licentiate gives you critical skill to lead a function.
    • Licentiate gives you strategic tools & techniques in specific verticals.
    • Licentiate helps you gain decision making skills to build strategic policies.
    • Licentiate gives you a branding of a leader of your discipline.

    The Licentiate in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition is our flagship program. With only 5 scholarship seats per city , competition for places on this select program is fierce.

    Licentiate Programs sets a benchmark for CEOs, CXO, Head HR, OD Consultants, L&D Professionals, HR Leaders, HR Managers, HR Professionals, Compensation Leaders, Payroll Managers, Divisional Heads of HR acknowledging the combination of experiential learning and the professional experience of business leaders.

  • 3 global certifications – Course Module mentioned in the below pages

    • MEHR’s Certified Psychometric Test Professional (CPTP)
    • MEHR’s Certified Global Recruitment Analyst (CGRA) - Online
    • MEHR’s Certified Talent Management Analyst (CTMA) - Online

    Certified Psychometric Test Professional

    MODULE 1: Overview of Psychology
    • Psychology Basics
    • Sigmund Freud
    • Carl Gustav Jung
    • Alfred Adler
    • Burrhus Fredric Skinner
    MODULE 2: Psychometric Assessment Overview Psychometric Assessment
    • Understanding the Psyche/Mind
    • Understanding Competence
    • What to Assess
    • Why to Assess
    • Establish Fair Psychometric Assessment using re-test reliability,inter-rater reliability, predictive validity, constructive validity tests
    • Fairness – Will The Assessment Create Adverse Impact
    MODULE 3: Categories of Tests
    • Categories of Test including inventory-based, projective tests
    • Common Projective Tests like Rorschach test, TAT, House-tree person, free association, word association, bubble drawing etc.
    • Self-Report or Inventory Tests like MBTI, Occupational preference questionnaire,Belbin’s Team Role Model profile, the Thomas Profiling etc.
    MODULE 4: Test for Traits – The PSI
    • PSI- A Brief History
    • How to Analyze the PSI Test
    • Dimensions of the Typology
    • Different Personality Types
    • Uses of PSI
    MODULE 5: Test for Motives – The TAT Test
    • History of the Test
    • Understanding TAT
    • Administering the Test
    • Scoring of the TAT Cards
    MODULE 6: Motivational Analysis Using Career Anchors – The RSI Test
    • Understanding motivators
    MODULE 7: Ability Testing
    • Ability Tests
    • Specific Cognitive Tests
    • Sample Tests Used in Organizations

    Certified Global Recruitment Analyst - Online

    MODULE 1: Recruitment Analytics
    • Strategic Issues in Recruitment
    • What is competency
    • Competency Measurement and BARS
    • Overview of the Hiring Process
    MODULE 2: Requirement Analysis
    • Fundamental Job Description
    • Definitions of QUALCOMM
    MODULE 3: Short listing and Filtering
    • Short listing- Knowledge of Matching CVs
    • The Process of Short listing
    • Filtering
    • Knowledge Based Filtering
    • Skill Based Filtering
    • Behavioral Filtering
    • Latest tools & techniques in scouring
    MODULE 4: Sourcing Strategy
    • Sourcing Metrics
    • Channels and Mediums
    • Sourcing Analytics
    • Action Planning
    • Basics - Overall Process, Purpose
    • Pre-interviewing, Interview, Post- Interview
    • Key Interviewer Skills
    • Evaluation

    Certified Talent Management Analyst (CTMA)- Online

    • Synopsis about changing workforce scenario and the war for talent that is prevalent.
    • “Talent Philosophy” and the consequences.
    • Reflective questionnaire to make the participants understand the current level of TM in their organizations.
    • Explain in brief the evolution of TM
    • Understand the need for having a talent mindset and its advantages.
    • Different types of strategy and the link between strategy and HR business drivers
    • Test for participants on their understanding of strategy
    • Identify core competencies and reviewing the same with a quiz
    • Demonstrate the different manpower planning techniques and how they can be applied
    • Give a brief on HCRI, EVP and talent objective
    • Discuss build and buy strategy in detailed along with pros and cons
    • Introduce concept of employer branding the steps to improve the same
    • Brief on on-boarding with a reflective questionnaire about the aspects of culture, connection, clarification and compliance
    • Discuss Talent analytics and succession planning with methods to effectively manage transitions
    • Outline the tangible and intangible costs in TM and their impact on revenue
    • Calculating ROI manually
    • Lay out a framework for implementing talent solution and methods for effective TM
    • Brief on challenges faced in TM

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